Term deposits

With account for their capabilities and needs, each Client of the Bank can place its money in any currency in a deposit account for an agreed time period and on mutually beneficial terms.

Short-term deposits are bank deposits that are intended for customers who are interested in the operational planning of their cash flows and obtaining a highly secured income at fixed interest rates, the amount of which increases depending on the increase of the deposit placement terms.

Long-term deposits are bank deposits that are created for customers who expect a high level of interest income and have the opportunity to deposit their temporarily free funds for a longer period.


*In case of a preterm contract termination as initiated by the Client, for the calculation purposes, the rate is accepted to the balance of the current account (0.75% per annum) for the entire period of deposit placement or for the last reporting period (optional).

Additional information:

You can find out the current interest rates and conclude a deposit agreement by calling the following phone numbers: +38 (044) 364-67-95, 364-67-93, 364-67-94 (City of Kyiv).