Deposit order

A “Deposit Order” is a type of electronic document having the status of a legal document on which basis the Bank accepts and credits any deposit amounts according to the agreed terms such as interest rates, time period, amount, interest terms, etc. Having accepted a deposit offer from the Bank, you create your deposit order on its basis, and on the basis of your order the deposit will be placed. The whole operation takes place in the remote access mode within the PIB-Online complex, and it takes no more than 15 minutes. The advantages of formalizing your relations with the Bank through the “Deposit Order”:

  • A reduction of labor costs arising from signing of all paper forms of agreements on banking services.
  • An easy placement of each subsequent tranche without additional registration with the official state tax authorities.
  • Convenience of contractual registration for replenishment and prolongation of the time period for placing a deposit online.
  • A possible reception of the deposit amount together with the accrued interest without execution of a payment order.
  • A guaranteed level of security, information encryption and constant monitoring on the integrity of the data transferred between the Bank and a Client using the PIB-Online complex.
  • Taking advantage of electronic document management.

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