Corporate culture

PSC Prominvestbank is one of the largest representatives of banking services market and we understand that we could not achieve such results without our team. That is why we constantly develop and improve personnel assessment and development programs. In addition to professional growth, it is important for us to help the society realizing the values of the company. For this purpose we:

  • Carry out activities aimed at the cohesion of the collective, the development of a sense of social and collective responsibility.
  • We participate in donor programs, helping cancer-stricken children.
  • We help orphan asylums, repairing premises, buying specialized equipment for training and assistance to children with special needs.
  • We support the initiative of employees in holding charitable actions and cooperation with charitable foundations.
  • We buy and provide medicines for residential homes for the elderly.
  • We support healthy way of life and thoughts of our employees, participating in annual sports and athletic meeting and sponsoring regular trainings of teams of different sports orientation:
    • Football.
    • Basketball.
    • Volleyball and so on.