Our employees values

Our mission

PSC Prominvestbank is the strength and beauty of simple financial solutions.

We are a team of like-minded people, turning your needs into our services, changing life for the better.

We strive to make our services simple and convenient for customers, as this is what customers expect from the Bank.

We are a team of like-minded colleagues, ready to grow and develop, to show individual skills, work for the common result, assume responsibility for own results and results of the Bank.

We are focused on socially important programs and projects, contributing to the development of the country's economy and its foreign economic relations and assuming social responsibility.

We want our efforts in the lives of people to have more joy and happiness!

Our values

How we see our employee:

  • Effective – capable to achieve the set goals, carrying out the tasks in time, able to overcome obstacles arising between him\her and the purpose.
  • Creative - able to think outside the box, to offer own solutions, exceed the expectations of those people who work with: whether it's a Bank customer or a colleague.
  • Responsible – comply with established period, able to evaluate own efforts, ready to take on new functions and tasks, able and willing to solve the tasks independently, without shifting responsibility to others.
  • Loyal – comply with norms and rules of labor regulations and business ethics; intolerant to hack work and deficiencies, loving own work, loyal to the Bank and actively using its products, forming a positive reputation of the Bank in social.
  • Team player - supportive and ready to bring support to colleagues, realizing that the overall result of the team is achieved only through the individual contribution of everyone who is able to create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual assistance in the team.